The project is a production of three different videos, demonstrating audio and visual skills to create convincing videos using a range of softwares. It consists of Green screen, Live Action Match move, Multi pass 3D Integration Shot. The softwares used are Nuke X, Pf Track and 3ds max, Gauge band and Soundtrack Pro, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

The project is a 3D Film production group and individual post production project. The film is about the separation of a yoyo and its owner. Analgphy 3D technique is used to create depth that are viewed through anaglph glasses. Software used were Nuke[Ocula], After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

My Dissertation project for an Advanced Multimedia Design and 3D technologies in Brunel University’s School of Engineering and Design. It is a 3D platformer Adventure game for PC.

Animated using Motion capture. The software used are vicon blade, motion builder and 3ds Max.